Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Oathbreaker profile: R. Seth Willaims, Philly D.A

Philadelphia DA, R. Seth Williams, upon finding out about this incident of police abuse, not only decided not to charge the officers (assault, false arrest!?!), but he decided to charge the victim with "disorderly conduct" and "reckless endangerment."

Research has revealed the following possible name match (Rufus S. Williams) and address match for the Philly D.A.

Rufus S. Williams
7012 Woodbine Ave
Philadelphia, PA 19151-2329
(215) 879-2750

assoc. people: Sonita L. Williams age 40-44, Alyssia N. Williams (from

Imagery of the address shows a home that appears to be consistent with that of the high ranking, suit wearing variety of government official.

UPDATE: A reader points us to this site for some more info on Williams:


  1. Don't forget that Sheriff in Indiana

    Don Hartman
    304 E Seymour St
    Kentland, IN 47951-1242

    (219) 474-3333

  2. Wyo Threeper,

    Need some clarification on what this comment is. Don't know what to do with this one. Is this intel?

    Please also see mission statement for this site for the types of comments permitted on this site.

    -Oath Breaker Dude

  3. Sorry,
    It's that sheriff in Indiana that said that he would conduct house to house searches if he has to, to look for criminals after the Indiana SC ruled that police can go into any home for any reason.

  4. I believe this address an name is correct. The oathbreaker has a nice webpage with his biography.

    He definitely fits the profile. Name matches (Father named Rufus) and associated people fit as will. This is man.

  5. Wyo,

    It looks like that sheriff has since backtracked the statement:

    In any event, it's just talk from the sheriff, nothing that would get a separate post here.

  6. Oath Breaker,

    Damn Fine piece of work, this will be a great tool for the community, my hat is off to you!!