Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Oathbreaker profile: Jimmy McDuffie

Video and story of an Effingham County Sheriff's officer punching a suspect:

The Effingham County Sheriff's Department, under the leadership of Sheriff Jimmy McDuffie, released this statement:

"The incident involving Mr. Wallace was investigated by a Criminal Investigations Division Supervisor in February, 2010. The supervisor found that no inappropriate behavior or actions were taken and had the actions taken been different, the incident could have resulted in a more severe outcome."

Research on White reveals the following:

Jimmy R. McDuffie
3868 Ga Hwy 119 N
Clyo, GA 31303-3603
age: 50-54
assoc. people: Wanda E. McDuffie

See also this write-up for bio info on McDuffie (confirming assoc. Wanda):

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